Where do you work?

When people ask me, “Where do you work?” I often tell them, “I usually work at home.”

work at home

Then I also say, “But sometimes I work in a coffee shop.”

work in coffee shop

“Or in a restaurant.”

work in a restaurant

Yes, I can work anywhere I want. Anytime I want. And that’s what I like best about doing Virtual Assistant (VA) work. I choose the projects I would like to work on. I choose projects where I don’t have to log in and out at specified times. I just have to submit the finished product on the previously agreed upon date. For me, these projects are mostly writing jobs that I can work on practically anywhere. I don’t even have to bring my laptop all the time. When I already have a topic to write on, I just need pencil and paper, and off I go where inspiration might find me.

Would you want the same kind of work? Learn more about doing VA work from the person I learned it from, Jomar Hilario. He will be conducting another “How to Work from Home” seminar in Manila on May 28. If you’re not based in Manila, a more practical option would be joining the online version of the seminar. Read all about it on his webpage.


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