Sun’s Out

These are my Friendster blog posts. Reposting for posterity. 🙂

Time Out
December 5, 2008

Spent the day with very close friends and enjoyed the time with them tremendously. Particularly thankful to one of them who had to travel farther than usual, on a very unusual time, and on a workday at that, just to be with us. And even if she had to leave early. Also to the one who isn’t feeling well since a few days ago but still joined us. At the risk of being more ill and be absent at work. And of course to the other one who had a lot of errands that day and must have been so tired, but managed to catch up with us as well. Ohhh, super sweeet!

Just goes to show that real friends will find time for each other. And we don’t have to do anything extra special other than just hang out together. Sleeping, watching tv, sightseeing in the city, eating, shopping, picture-taking, talking, laughing. On a rainy night and day.

Thanks and see you soon, girls! Sweet dreams are made of these…

Whatever We Imagine
July 25, 2008

Ok, I know I should be over it by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work. So even if I’ve stopped crying, the pain remains. Being told that you’re not good enough- I don’t think normal people get over that in a snap.

I don’t have to understand why it happened because, well, I really can’t. No one ever really does understand why things happen, or don’t happen, anyway. I just have to believe that something better’s there for me, somewhere, sometime. And all I have to do is wait. And keep an open mind about other opportunities, other possibilities.

Meanwhile, I’ll take comfort in Selecta ice cream on stick, regular Coke, Sprite, Royal, pizza, chocolates, cakes, Sponge; in wandering aimlessly around SM and Trinoma; and of course, in my ipod, Nano.

But wait… There’s this song that says “Why should we wait, later on may be too late.”

So here I am, not fully recovered from a disappointment but thinking about taking on another potentially hazardous to mental health situation. And seriously thinking about it! I figure that the worst that will happen if I don’t make it is that I will still follow the same old daily work routine. I’ve managed to stay on for over a year, what’s another month or so? But imagine the countless possibilities if I do get it this time!

And so just another day begins for me.

Don’t be afraid
I can meet you halfway
We can’t always know
where the road ends up
but with some luck I know we can go
Wherever we imagine

Why should we wait
later on may be too late
’cause where can we run
when you see there’s half a chance
that we might really become
whatever we imagine

And I imagine you and me
just taking shots at what we see
and if we fall
we’ll shake away the dust
and just outlast them all

What If
April 11, 2008

There’s this song by Coldplay titled “What If”, and it plays on my mind when I feel down.

What if there was no light.
Nothing wrong, nothing right.
What if there was no time?
And no reason or rhyme?

What if I got it wrong?
And no poem or song..
Could put right what I got wrong,
Or make you feel I belong

Aaaaaaaaah!!!… bad day blues. Or maybe just PMS… 😉

It starts out on a sad note. But you have to listen carefully and realize that you shouldn’t be thinking of all the negative what ifs in your life. Especially NOT this…

What if you should decide
That you don’t want me there by your side.
That you don’t want me there in your life

Because there’s also the positive what ifs…

Oooooh, that’s right
Let’s take a breath jump over the side.
Oooooh, that’s right

How can you know it when you don’t even try?

Oooooh, that’s right

Oooooh, that’s right

You know that darkness always turns into light

Oooooh, that’s right..

You have to decide on a daily basis to be happy. So what do you do when you get the blues…

Take time out from what’s stressing you out. If it’s work, get a vacation leave. Or maybe a quick time out of the office, or just away from your table. Sometimes, just a quick break from routine can do the trick. I think those can also apply if you’re stressed in the home front.

Two days ago I was in panic mode because my flight to the US will be in a week’s time and I haven’t packed anything yet, and I still had a lot of other things to take care of at home like bills and other paperwork. My mind’s also on my mom’s text message that she forgot to bring this and that, and to buy this and that… hay naku!

Thank God for a boss who occasionally indulges my bad day blues
whims. And friends to hang out with. We went to Trinoma after work, had lunch at KFC and then played at Timezone. Had a blast hitting the heads of all those crocs! Mwahahahaha!!!

Right now, I’m starting to pack stuff (in between writing this). Later, I’ll go to SM to buy additional stuff. Progress! I should make a list of things to bring, though.

And if I still forget to bring something or do something…

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be.

Break Time
February 21, 2008

Down with a stomach virus, I’ve been stuck at home since yesterday. What was supposed to be hectic days off from work have turned to slow days, lying in bed reading or sleeping, or just surfing the ‘net.

Sometimes our body tells us to take a break, and forces us to take time to think about the things we’ve been doing, things we shouldn’t be doing, and things we should be doing instead.

Like, for me, having this bum stomach means I haven’t been taking good care of myself. Have been using being tired from work as an all around excuse not to go to the doctor, not to go to the gym, to frequently eat unhealthy fastfood meals and indulge in cravings for sweets.

I used to take better care of myself when I didn’t have a regular work schedule and didn’t have a steady source of income. Being an employee has made me lax, complacent, just plain lazy.

Two months into the year will have already passed next week, and what have I done so far? Nothing!!!

I won’t agonize over things past. Hopefully next month I’ll have better news to share.

Dreaming of Miggy
January 24, 2008

Dear Miggy,

A few days after New Year’s Day, I had a dream about you. We were in a resort with your Mom and Dad, and also with Kuya Mark. I don’t remember if Tita Elma and Mancle were there too. But they might as well have been, since back when you were still living in Manila, we’d all usually travel together.

In my dream you were usual impish self, running barefoot along the edge of the swimming pool, with a big, naughty grin on your face. We were all yelling at you to be careful, to just walk and not run. Of course, you just ignored us. Afterwards, we were in the cottage, feasting on pork adobo, grilled fish, red eggs and tomatoes, green mangoes, bananas, and chocolates. Yuuuuuum!!!! Then we all went back to the pool, in the super hot midday sun, to swim or just splash around. So very happy days…

A few months back, your Mom told me about the time your teacher talked to her because you were misbehaving in class. Then a few days after that when they talked again your teacher asked Mommy what she said to you because you weren’t unruly anymore. Your Mommy laughingly told me that she told you you’d all go back to Manila if you’d continue to misbehave. At that time, I laughed at that too, finding it very funny that you’d easily trade Manila for New York City, just because NYC has the biggest Toys-R-Us and you could endlessly watch all your favorite American shows on your flat-screen TV there.

Thinking about it now, after the holidays, it’s not really funny. Sure, NYC has huge toy stores, nice parks, and cool kids’ shows. But Manila is where you were born, where family is. I wish you’d understand soon what all these mean. Of course, I understand why your Mom and Dad chose to move there. For you, and your soon-to-be-born brother. I’d probably do the same if I were in their shoes. And I admire them so much for having the courage to leave home, away from the loving comfort of family and friends.

But I want you to know that I also dream for you, Miggy, and for others like you who were born here but are now in faraway lands due to economic reasons.

I dream that you will go to Palawan, Cebu, Negros, Davao, Bohol, Banaue, so you would think of these wonderful places when our country is mentioned. And thank God how He’d been so generous in granting us with so much natural beauty and wealth. I dream that when you go to the countryside, you’ll see and understand the smiles of young and old alike going about their daily routine, happy with their simple life.

I dream that someday soon we can get rid of those greedy politicians and businessmen who exploit our country’s natural wealth. So that your parents will no longer have to go abroad to find jobs because everything that we need we have here in our 7,101 islands.

I miss you, Migoy. Especially the way you’d laugh so hard you’d be almost breathless. Even when you’d slap us hard in the back for no reason at all. Demonyito!

Wish you were here.

I’ll see you soon, kulet.

Tita Mas


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