Elevating the Customer Experience at the NRCE and Stores Asia Expo

Ours being a nation of mall-going people and frequent shoppers, it would be interesting to know what retailers do to attract and retain customers.

The upcoming National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo will happen simultaneously on August 9-10 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Organized by the Philippine Retailers Association, the annual twin event will gather retail industry owners, leaders and practitioners for a 2-day conference where retail trends, problems and opportunities will be discussed, alongside the country’s premier exhibition of retail suppliers and service providers. While this year’s theme is “Taking Customer Experience to New Heights,” the country’s tourism slogan is also adapted as “Shopping. It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” and is prominently used to highlight the enjoyable and uniquely Pinoy shopping experience.

The NRCE will be held at Prime Function Room 4 of SMX. It will feature talks on digital marketing, online commerce, how local brands compete with international brands, retail entertainment, social responsibility, among others. Another interesting part of the conference is a look into the future of retailing when “The New Turks of Retailing” are introduced. See NRCE program here.

The widespread use of social media has changed the local retail landscape. It would be fascinating to learn how retailers have embraced new digital technologies to enhance the Filipino customer experience. I hope retailers would actively engage followers on various social media platforms to have first-hand knowledge of how customers experience their products and services, and learn how to improve these further. I think frontliners of many retail establishments have a lot to learn about customer service. For me, it’s important to have the correct and complete information about the product and service being offered. Let’s see if and how this issue will be addressed. Also, I would like to know how the retail industry can help improve tourism arrivals in the country.

For visitors of Stores Asia, which will be in Function Rooms 2 and 3 of SMX, see the booth layout here.

There is much to learn in the country’s biggest retailing event of the year. Registration details are in the NRCE website. You may also download the registration form here.

For registration and other inquiries, visit http://www.nrceph.com, call PRA at 687-4180/4181 and 0919-6481231 or email info@philretailers.com or ebbs@philretailers.com. Information also available at the event’s Facebook page.


14 thoughts on “Elevating the Customer Experience at the NRCE and Stores Asia Expo

  1. Joining with this kind of conference would really be of big help to all participants.
    Sadly, I can’t join yet. This is going to be fun and knowledge-filled conference.

  2. I assumed this is a very interesting event. Just so sad that I won’t be able to attend ‘coz of the bad weather. Its difficult to travel afar when its raining hard.

  3. Let us hope that this kind of conference help boast our industry. Philippines is a rich country with talented and intelligent people. if we only have a good government and not a corrupt one, sadly.

  4. I see that they have a topic on social responsibility. This is good because at least the money spent will also go to something good making all that shopping and spending relevant.

    -maritel commenting as merlmd

  5. It is good to note that they have a topic on social responsibility. At least all that shopping and spending will partly have a positive impact on society.

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