Finding The Right Furniture for A Stylish Home

sm north edsa interior zone

We see pictures of beautiful homes on TV,  movies and magazines. And we sigh and wonder how will we ever make our home look anything like the stylish space above.  Wonder no more as the Philippine School of Interior Design and College of Saint Benilde partnered with SM North EDSA to bring the Designers Guild Series seminars at the mall’s Interior Zone lobby.

Last Saturday, August 25, expert Interior Designer Cai Lim-Regala talked about the factors to consider in buying the right furniture for the home.


Before enumerating the factors, Regala divides the home into 4 areas where furniture selection is crucial: (1) outdoor and lanai area, (2) living room, (3) dining room and (4) bedroom.

Common factors to consider for all design areas are style, size and shape of furniture, comfort, quality and budget. The style unifies the design of the home. The size and shape of the furniture is considered for proportion, and so as not to waste precious space. The last three are pretty much self-explanatory.

Outdoor and Lanai

  • Function answers the question on how the space will be primarily used and will determine what furniture will be included.
  • Material
  • Climate and weather
  • Will furniture feet sit firmly on the surface without scratching?
  • Look for good workmanship

Living Room

  • Lifestyle also pertains to function. Will the room be used as a home theater area, or a party room to entertain guests?

Dining Room

  • Family size will determine the size of the dining table.
  • Eating habits and lifestyle. Where does the family eat? Is there an everyday dining area and a formal dining area?
  • Color affects our appetite.
  • Material


  • Bedroom furniture set may or may not include items that  fit your room in terms of size or style.

A good insight shared by Regala is the realization that designing for a small space or a big space is equally challenging. It is also important to ask not just the owners of the home, but also other space dwellers, like the children who will occupy the bedrooms, for design inputs. This will ensure that the space will be unique for them, and will be appreciated.

The Designers Guild seminars are open to the public and are free. Catch the last one in the series this Saturday, September 1, 2012 at the Interior Zone lobby of SM North EDSA. Topic will be on floral styling and design, and the speaker will be Interior Designer Benjo Pacson. Seminar starts at 2pm.


One thought on “Finding The Right Furniture for A Stylish Home

  1. just a tip…

    Do not transact with Space and Style Furnishing and Interiors SM City North Edsa Interior Zone

    They require full payment before delivery of your furniture without you being able to inspect your order.
    In my case, the agreed upon design was not followed and now, they are no longer willing to fix my furniture.

    They always say the owner is out. It has been several weeks with no action on their part.

    My sales agent is Eddie Rentino, I also talked to Dole. Very poor customer service.

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