PHmade: “It’s Worth Buying For”

global pinoy bazaar 2012

It’s (almost) the Christmas season and most of us are in a mad rush to think of presents to give to our loved ones. Instead of buying any generic item just to be able to say that we gave a gift, why not put a little thought to our gift giving efforts?

Yabang Pinoy, through its launch of the PHmade movement, again encourages Filipinos to support Filipino ideas, business concepts, products and services. PHmade’s tagline is “It’s Worth Buying For.” Think of the positive impact that going local contributes to the economy. It’s the multiplier effect at work in our economy: the price you paid for an item goes not only to the seller, but also his employees, his suppliers and service providers, his supplier’s suppliers, employees, etc. As more entrepreneurs create, develop, and expand their businesses, more job opportunities are generated.

PHmade focuses on seven categories: Produce, Home, Footwear, Fashion, Personal and Home Care, Food and Beverage, and Entertainment. The campaign will continue to collaborate with Filipino entrepreneurs and encourage them to continue to improve their products and services and to always aim for Filipino brands to be global brands.

PHmade is a project of Yabang Pinoy, the pioneering Filipino pride movement that started in 2005. As it celebrates its 8th anniversary, the organization includes it among numerous Filipino pride projects, such as the Y.A.B.A.N.G. Camp (Youth Achievers Building A Nation of Greatness Camp), Yabang Pinoy Goes to School, Pinaka-mahabang Todo Patintero, Global Pinoy Bazaar, and many more. In the 8 years that Yabang Pinoy has immersed itself in various nation-building activities, it re-affirms its belief that true progress and development in our country will start once Filipinos begin living a proudly Filipino lifestyle.

Yabang Pinoy invites every Filipino to be part of the PHmade movement. As early as now, save November 10- 11 2012 for the 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar – a showcase of Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride.

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Be at Il Terrazzo

Il Terrazzo


UPDATE (09August): Activities scheduled for this weekend will be re-scheduled. New dates TBA.


A rainy day makes you want to just stay at home and sleep the day away.  But what if that rainy day stretches into a week or two, like this freaky weather we currently have in Manila? You’d get bored to death and be depressed staying at home watching TV or surfing the net all day and night. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a nice although wet day to reward yourself or have a night out with some gold old friends. With this weather, you would want to go somewhere different and cozy to lift up your spirits.

The place where you want to be seen in when you’re in Quezon City is Il Terrazzo, a lifestyle hub that combines the recreational mall atmosphere and the exciting  nightlife scene of the Tomas Morato area. A compact, 3-storey mini-mall, it has a number of satisfying restaurants, specialty retail shops,  health and wellness centers, a trendy events place and a Rustan’s Supermarket.

This coming weekend, August 11-12, is a good time to check out Il Terrazzo as it will have a gourmet food market, along with great deals, discounts, and freebies from participating establishments.

il terrazzo

Located at Tomas Morato extension corner Scout Madrinan, near the Boy Scouts rotunda (Timog and Morato intersection), Il Terrazzo is near both ABS-CBN and GMA networks. You might just bump into some of your favorite stars while doing your shopping or having a drink.

No reason to feel gloomy in this rainy weather. Head on now to Il Terrazzo and have a great time!

Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Great Northern Sale

great northern sale

I try to go on the first day during any sale event to try to avoid the huge crowd on succeeding days. Of course, this Great Northern Sale being in SM North EDSA, a huge crowd should be expected even on the first day. So I did go yesterday, on the first day of the Great Northern Sale which runs until Sunday, July 15. I should have remembered that it was also payday weekend. [Face palm gesture here.] So the ATMs had long lines of people too who were waiting to get their cash. Patience NOT being one of my many virtues, I decided to make do with a few hundred pesos in my bag. I will not use my credit card and sink myself deeper into debt. Good thing that I had lunch at home before I left for SM.

But… what to buy with less than a thousand pesos? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to buy pants and blouses for work. I’ll have to choose only one item for today. I go to SM Department Store to look at what’s on sale. Glad to know that there were lots of good merchandise on sale, many marked down at 10 – 50% off the original price.

great northern sale

I proceed to the denim section and try on a couple of pants, both of which do not fit me well. Bummer. I do not like those oh so tight, skinny jeans! [Sigh.] I give up looking for other styles to try on. While SM is well prepared for the sale because they have added make-shift fitting stalls covered in thick curtains, the stalls are so tiny; and the lighting is a bit dim. I wander to other areas of the ladies section. Lots of good stuff, really. I try some blouses in different sizes, and found one that’s 50% off and a good fit, so I buy it. Yehey! Mission for today accomplished.

But as I go around the mall, I find more stuff that I’d like to buy. I see lots of SALE signs. Sales staff are push their wares inside and outside their stores. Shoppers are bombarded by the PA system with enticing bargains. Clothes! Appliances! Home furnishings! Books! Gadgets! Even food establishments are joining in on the sales. If only I had more cash. [Sighs again.] You’re probably thinking that I could just use my credit card today and pay for the stuff in full on the card’s due date. Haha. It doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, you find more stuff that you like and charge them to your card, and do it again and again. Before you know it, you have more debt than the actual money coming in. So… I just say no to any swiping today.

BUT I may have some cash by Sunday, so I check out some stores and find some other stuff worth going back to.

  • some nice dresses at SM Department Store
  • airy blouses and simple accessories at Kamiseta and Bayo
  • roomy tote bags at EGG
  • delicious-smelling body creams and lotions at Body Shop
  • imported books at National Bookstore / Bestsellers (20% off!!!!!)
  • light sandals and trendy clothes in eye-searing colors 😉  at Forever 21

sm north great northern sale

Truthfully, I’m not one to go to every nook and cranny of the mall to look at stuff. I usually just find and buy what I need. What I do enjoy is finding something new to eat. So after almost 4 hours of non-stop walking, I rest and have some merienda before heading back home. I stop at a place I haven’t tried before: Tsoko Nut Batirol at the upper ground floor of the main mall, below the escalator near National Bookstore. I order a combo meal of hot tsokolate that’s thick and rich in taste; and light, airy ensaymada topped with lots of sugar and keso de bola. Sweet stuff that’s just right for me. A satisfying meal to end an ordinary Friday afternoon that just happens to be the 13th of the month. And speaking of food, SM North EDSA is giving out The Gourmet Card, a discount card for use in the mall’s dining establishments, of course. 🙂

tsoko nut batirol

SO if you haven’t gone yet, you have until this Sunday, July 15, to find great bargains at the Great Northern Sale of SM North EDSA. Happy shopping!

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Get Ready For The Great Northern Sale at SM North EDSA

SM North EDSA Great Northern Sale

Attention shopaholics: the Great Northern Sale is back! Next week, on July 13 to 15, SM North EDSA will hold another blockbuster mall-wide sale event, with discounts of up to 70% on selected brands.

If you’ve been wanting to update your home or wardrobe, or your gadgets even, or maybe you’d like a very early start on your Christmas shopping, this is the time to do it.  I hope to find good stuff on sale in Forever 21, Mango, Guess, Kamiseta and Bayo.  I’ll be on the lookout for my staples- jeans and short-sleeve shirts and blouses.

As a regular SM North EDSA passerby, I know that this supermall can be very crowded during its sale events. To avoid being frustrated by the crowd,  here are some things to do to make the most of your shopping time.

  1. Make a wish list of items that you need or want to buy. Think before you buy. While it’s great to score huge discounts, do you really think you’re saving money when you’re not even sure if the item you’re eyeing will be used more than once, if at all?
  2. This is a huge mall. Have a shopping plan. Know what shops to go to beforehand. If you go to this mall on a regular basis, or if you have the time to spare, try to visit your favorite shops before the sale dates and find the stuff that you like. Try on those clothes and shoes that you’d like to buy and know your size. This will help you save time and effort finding stuff, and avoid the long lines to the fitting rooms during the sale dates.
  3. Pray that the clothes and shoes that you fitted for size, along with other stuff that you like, will still be available during the sale. The store might change the merchandise to be offered for the sale event.
  4. Try to go on the first day, in the morning, to get first dibs on the items on sale. And to still enjoy your shopping experience.
  5. Carefully inspect the items you’re going to buy before lining up to the cashier. Avoid the hassle of having to return items because of some defect.
  6. Even the dining establishments get crowded on sale days, especially the fast food joints. Schedule your dining breaks during  non-peak hours.
  7. If you must bring your little kids, never ever let them out of your sight.
  8. Secure your belongings at all times.
  9. Keep your cool. Be patient with the sales staff and with fellow shoppers.
So make that shopping list, check it twice and I’ll see you at SM North next week.

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Catch Those iButterflies!

sm ibutterfly

SM Supermalls lives up to its tagline “We’ve got it all for you!” as it presented the iButterfly mobile application for the always connected generation last Saturday, May 5 at the SM North EDSA The Block Atrium.

The iButterfly application incorporates the latest technologies in retailing— Augmented Reality, Motion Sensors and Global Positioning System (GPS). Using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices, the combined technologies result in an application that lets you catch virtual butterflies that represent prizes / special offers from participating mall merchants when you are within the mall vicinity itself. Read up on the app details on this website.

The event was entertaining and interactive. Bloggers, shoppers and guests were given a chance to join some games and try out the application to win freebies and prizes. I arrived midway through the event to find the Pass the Message game, sponsored by Smart, ongoing. Afterwards, there was the race to catch the most branded virtual butterflies. It was a lot of fun watching people hoist up their mobile devices in the air hoping to catch those colorful butterflies. Celebrity kid Arkin Magalona won a new TV by being the first to catch seven (7) branded virtual butterflies.

sm ibutterfly

Celebrities like the Magalona family (mom Pia with kids Maxene, Saab and Arkin), all-female band General Luna, stylist Liz Uy, along with some other personalities and bloggers, graced the morning event which was hosted by Raymond Gutierrez.

sm ibutterfly

I didn’t have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device to use in the event itself, but I was able to borrow my nephew’s iPad later at home. I had earlier instructed him to download the iButtefly app, which he did. The interface / menu navigation was easy, but trying to catch those butterflies was another thing. Maybe I had a hard time because I was trying to catch butterflies in the iPad on one hand and taking pictures of the iButterfly experience with the other hand. But maybe if I had a smaller device like an iPhone or Android phone perhaps, I would have had an easier time catching those pesky butterflies.

sm ibutterfly

Below are the butterflies that my nephew and I caught. His catch, which consisted of BDO butterflies, was from SM Fairview on the same day of the SM North EDSA event. Mine were the generic ones which I caught at home. I would love to catch butterflies with freebies or discounts from food establishments.

sm ibutterfly

This new shopping innovation would make it very convenient for shoppers to know the latest products and/or promos of mall tenants, as the info is given in real time when you’re in the mall. However, the act of trying to catch the virtual butterfly with your gadgets in a public place is awkward, especially if you’re using a bigger tablet device (as opposed to a phone). Something like a text message or a picture from a participating store simply appearing on your phone may be better. But then, that wouldn’t be a novelty and might not get the shopper’s attention. Let’s see if this latest technology would catch on and be a permanent feature of our shopping experience.

The iButterfly app was initially launched last Easter Sunday at SM Cyberzone. The SM iButterfly app is in line with the SM iButterfly Hunt promotion which runs from May 5 to June 30. The SM Supermalls iButterfly Hunt runs only in selected SM Supermalls: North EDSA, Mall of Asia, Megamall, Fairview, Southmall, Baguio, Davao, and Cebu. Promo mechanics are posted here.

Go catch those butterflies to get prizes, discounts and freebies!

sm ibutterfly