When Flooding Strikes: Be Informed, Be Prepared

metro flood

Photo from Philippine Daily Inquirer

It’s another rainy weekend. Heavy rains started yesterday and still persisted this morning. Another round of flooding in various parts of Metro Manila.

Flooding Now A Regular Occurrence?

Circumstances and landscapes have changed a lot from only a few years ago.  Before, we know the usual flood-prone places in Metro Manila  like Malabon and Navotas. Now, a big part of Metro Manila gets flooded in times of continuous rains. Even some provinces are not spared of this flooding problem.

Is flooding a natural disaster? No, I don’t think so. Raining is a natural phenomenon. But severe flooding is caused by our inability to properly take care of the resources that we have been blessed with. We continue to build tall and taller buildings in an already densely-populated metropolis. People continue to build homes beside waterways and low-lying areas.  We use plastic products and throw these wherever we like.

Flooding and Social Media

If we have to accept severe flooding as a regularly occurring phenomenon in the Philippines, we must learn how to deal with flooding so that we can go on with our lives. We should be informed, so we can be prepared. Aside from traditional media (print, radio, TV), social media has also proven its worth in giving out relevant information in times of flooding and other disasters. Facebook and Twitter accounts of news sites regularly give updates on weather and flooding status.

In Twitter, I’ve grouped into a list a few useful accounts to follow in times of heavy rains. Weather updates, flood updates, traffic news, and class suspensions can be monitored in these accounts. Rescue and relief efforts can also be reported and monitored using the hashtags #rescueph and #reliefph.

twitter list umuulan

Philam Life’s FRIENDS

In line with its mission to “empower Filipinos to achieve financial security and prosperity,” Philam Life will be holding a “Family Readiness in Emergencies and Natural Disasters Seminar” or FRIENDS. This is part of the company’s BalikBayani Forum for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). OFWs currently on vacation in the Philippines, and those with OFW relatives are invited to take part in this free seminar about emergency and disaster preparedness.  Seminar will be held on Wednesday, September 19,1-5pm,  at Philamlife Cubao Office in Aurora Blvd beside LRT2 Gateway station. Those interested to join may email me at mas10ph@gmail.com or comment below for details.

It’s scary to think that severe flooding is the new “normal.” Let’s intensify our efforts in protecting our environment so that we may reverse the damage that we have inflicted in our surroundings.

Disclosure: I am a financial advisor affiliated with Philam Life.